The White Horse Whispers | About
It occurred to me, recently, that I've been taking photos since I was 15 years old-30 years! My Mother handed me my Grandfather's hand-me-down Olympus 35RD and that was the beginning. I remember the feeling of opening the package of prints and wondering how they turned out. I still get that fluttery excitement when I download photos...did I capture the moment? Kinda fun to look back through the ages, doesn't make me feel old at all ;-)

For many years I used my photography skills as the first step in my fine art portraits. My mediums were oil and colored pencil. The colored pencil portrait is a slow process and requires a photo of the subject/s. I still love to paint but since my kids first arrived home from Ethiopia I have found a lot of joy in photography.

My favorite things? Natural light, portraits, and best of all, lifestyle photography, capturing the beauty of the day to day life of families. Give me a call to discuss what we can create together! 720-635-7015